Direct Mail

In an increasingly virtual world, direct mail marketing is the physical link to your potential and current customers. It’s an expression of your brand in appearance and content, delivering a timely call to action and contact information – phone numbers, email address, URL or QR code – that can be kept for reference.

Allied combines design creativity and highly targeted demographic focus to achieve strong response rates between 3-4.5% on average and in some cases much higher.

We'll work with you throughout the process to:

Our high-volume printing capacity can manage your direct mail needs quickly and efficiently, for your business to capitalize on growing awareness, developing leads, and building sales. Direct mail is most effective when integrated into a multichannel program of sequenced messages, dynamic follow-up and coordinated/customized digital communication. Our experienced digital marketing team can manage all aspects for you, from conception to execution to analysis.

Ensuring Maximum Mail Delivery

At Allied, we don’t just print your mail pieces – we handle the whole process from start to finish.

Allied has processes in place to ensure maximum mail delivery. We CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certify all lists to improve postal code precision. Our list standardization includes removing duplicates, checking the NCOA (National Change of Address), and so much more. 

Our team of data analysts and creatives help you design materials that speak directly to an individual from a list of thousands. We specialize in intelligence gathering and developing targeted client and prospecting lists to use for getting your message to the right audience. Whether you’re working on list acquisition, clean-up, or standardization, we’ve got it covered.

Your Allied team can also help you save big by taking advantage of annual postal promotions. Our postal experts will provide consultative support on formatting and design, USPS regulations, and other factors to ensure optimization of your direct mail strategy and budget.

Ready to save big on postage in 2024? Work with Allied to take advantage of the USPS Postal Promotions, enhancing your direct mail strategy while reducing costs.