Take Your Recognition Gift Boxes from Good to Great

You’ve been working hard at your job, leading the way on a particular project or perhaps coming up on a big milestone in your career. It’s been a big commitment, but it’s been worth it. In recognition of your achievement, your company presents goes beyond a basic certificate and instead gives you a beautiful branded gift box. More and more companies are shifting their recognition programs to personalized, branded boxes – and though the box itself is important, as with so many things, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Recognition gift boxes are a great way to show deeper appreciation for employees’ achievements and milestone moments. It often feels more personal than the “classic” but low-key choices like a framed certificate or a public announcement, though it might be paired with those, too. Because it goes beyond the basics, it helps the recipient feel more valued and appreciated, which is exactly how you want your employees to feel: like the work they do matters and like they, as individuals, matter.

A great gift recognition box starts with deciding which items belong in that specific box. Consider what kind of gift would best fit the occasion being recognized, or if the achievement is somehow related to a particular kind of item. High-quality items that are genuinely useful are always a strong choice. If your organization uses boxes for other events, such as onboarding, it’s important to make sure that a recognition gift box stands out in some way. It’s meant to be a celebration, so it should have that extra “something” that elevates it.

Personalization and Packaging Are Key

Personalization is also a key aspect to a recognition box, since recognition itself is a highly personal moment. Be sure that the gift features the recipient’s name, along with a personal message – perhaps as a card or even a handwritten note – that reiterates appreciation and praise for the specific occasion being celebrated. This note might come from the recipient’s manager or a higher-up in the organization to highlight how their work is appreciated. It can be fun to have a note from an executive, but it can also be equally meaningful to include a note from a manager who has more firsthand, specific knowledge of the recipient’s great work.

Done right, a thoughtful, reliable recognition program can have a very positive effect on your team in the long run. Research shows that organizations with recognition programs have 14% higher employee performance, productivity, and engagement when compared to organizations that do not currently have a recognition program.

Finally, give your recognition box a boost with memorable packaging. Remember that feeling you had as a kid when you’d tear open a gift box on your birthday? Opening a recognition gift box can bring back some of that same sense of joy and anticipation. With an experienced and creative print and promotions partner, your team can put together a truly fun presentation for your recognition gift boxes, making the whole experience even more special and creating more positive memories for your employees.

At Allied, we’re here to help with all your gift box needs. Our expert team can advise you on choosing the best items for particular events, designing the perfect presentation, sourcing and producing the boxes, and getting them ready for delivery. Talk to Allied today for more information on how our expertise can help you show your employees just how much you appreciate their contributions to your organization.

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