Print: The Secret to Online Success

Is print the secret to a thriving marketing campaign? It just might be! Even in today’s world, full of social media and digital strategy, print offers a reliable way to generate revenues and improve brand profiles across the board. Here’s what you should be keeping in mind.

Why Print Is Truly Timeless

It’s a simple fact: Printed, physical, direct mail remains relevant and popular even in this digital age.

According to one United States Postal Service study, customers who received direct print mail (a catalog) were more satisfied with their experiences with the company’s website and the company overall, and they were also more likely to recommend the company to others.[1] In another study, conducted in 2019, 68% of marketing respondents said combining digital and direct mail increased website visits. 60% of marketing respondents also said that combining digital and direct mail increased ROI.[2]

Whether combined with high-tech and digital strategies or just as its own, reliable self, direct mail remains a solid option for marketing campaigns. The power of print hasn’t been replaced by digital, only enhanced. Brands should consider direct mail as an opportunity to connect across different platforms. After all, one can’t just rely on a digital strategy, and people really do still just love getting mail!

The Mail to Online Sales Pipeline

Print pieces are a surefire way to rack up online views and sales. Consider these statistics, courtesy of the USPS:[3]

  • Catalog recipients purchased 28% more items and spent 28% more money than those who didn’t receive one.
  • A revenue lift of 163% was observed for websites supported by catalogs versus those not supported by mailed catalogs.
  • Over 60% of catalog recipients were influenced to visit the company’s website.
  • Almost 60% of online shoppers enjoy receiving catalogs, and 57% say they still like to have a catalog on hand even when shopping online.
  • 61% of shoppers say that seeing a catalog while shopping online means they may see additional items they want to buy.
  • 84% of shoppers feel it’s easier to shop with a catalog in hand.
  • 17% of people who received a catalog in the previous month bought at least one item, compared to 11% who didn’t receive one.

Print also helps to increase revenue as part of a multimedia, modern approach. Because print is such a flexible medium, it can be tailored to any kind of campaign. That personal connection formed by sending direct print mail makes a big difference in getting customers to become and stay interested in a brand.

For instance, one print option might be a retargeting campaign. After an initial (most likely digital, but potentially in-person) contact with a potential or existing customer, it’s the perfect time for contacting customers very quickly with personalized, print mail tailored to that previous interaction. Whether it’s offering a discount code for a customer who didn’t complete an order, a piece advertising a related product, or anything else your team can come up with, the idea is to refresh the interaction in the customer’s mind and give them another opening for a positive connection with your brand.

The results of targeted direct mail are proof that it’s an avenue worth exploring. According to a USPS study, marketers saw a 300-400% lift in conversion rates when targeting cart abandoners specifically. 65% of marketing respondents reported an increase in website traffic, and 47% of marketing respondents reported an increase in conversions.[1]

Making a Lasting Impression

When it comes to staying power, there’s still no contest: direct, print mail is the way to go. The average lifespan of an email is 13.1 seconds,[2] compared to direct mail’s average lifespan of 17 days. For marketing that gets you more bang for your buck, print pieces are tailor-made to make lasting impressions, sticking around both physically and mentally.

There’s also the simple emotional link people have with receiving mail. USPS reports that 55% of people “look forward” to receiving mail, and 67% feel it’s more personal than email or other digital communications.[4] That emotional connection translates into more time spent with each piece. The same USPS study revealed that 77% of people sort through their mail immediately, and consumers on average spend 45 minutes with magazines, 30 minutes with catalogs, and 25 minutes with other direct mail. In short, this means you get to make an impression right away, and for a longer period of time.

Using print doesn’t mean shutting out new innovations, though! The print world is full of new technologies that can improve ROI and make a great impression. Allied’s print, design, and postal experts can work with you on solutions like multisensory pieces, augmented reality technology, textured or other specialized printing techniques, or many others. Plus, we’ll help you make the most of postal promotions, smart mailing techniques, and more, so that you get the highest ROI on your campaign.

With these exciting innovations and the staying power of print, marketers have a whole world at their fingertips to create memorable and lasting impressions – and reap the revenues in return.

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