National Small Business Day is Big!

National Small Business Day is celebrated every year, and collaborating with small businesses has  been central to Allied’s success over the years. As technology, products, and marketing channels have evolved, many of the tried-and-true methods of communication remain just that – tried in new and innovative ways and just as true as ever. Print and direct mail offer many advantages to businesses of all sizes, allowing marketers to compete effectively in the changing communications landscape. Here are some of the benefits that incorporating print and direct mail can manifest for small businesses:

Brand Building and Awareness

  • The tangibility of printed material such as brochures, flyers or direct mail pieces aids brand building and awareness. The paper stock, graphic design, and text content appeal to the senses of touch, sight and potentially even scent from the ink.
  • The paper quality, coatings and special finishes of professionally printed pieces contribute to a perception of credibility and trust.
  • Longevity is a crucial benefit of pieces that are retained for reference, providing repeated exposure to your brand and messaging.
  • These qualities contribute to your brand image and awareness. Consistency reinforces recognition with your logo, color, font, and design choices that help build a strong brand identity. Businesses can differentiate themselves by using unique designs, formats, and creative approaches.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

  • Direct mail continues to be a strong and effective option with precise geographic and demographic targeting, timed to arrive when your customers are in the market.
  • Studies show much higher response rates and ROI when messaging is personalized, especially including personalized QR codes (PQRs) for each customer and PURLs – personalized URLs – linking to customized landing pages with data-driven insights.

Integrated Marketing Channels

  • Effective as a stand-alone campaign, direct mail programs integrate seamlessly with other marketing channels such as audio/video, social and digital media. Print stands out from the clutter and offers a much higher chance for repeat exposure than 15-second spots or brief glimpses of hundreds of online ads.

Scalable Solutions

  • Print materials come in a wide range of styles and formats which can flexibly adjust to any budget. Economies of scale can be achieved by creating materials for the immediate needs of a business and storing the balance to be used over time. Allied’s capacity as an on-demand warehousing and fulfillment facility adds convenience and security to those cost savings.

Customer Relationships

  • Direct mail is a proven and effective way to generate leads for small businesses. Physical and virtual response forms capture names, contact channels and valuable information. But that is only the beginning of the process. Keeping in touch with leads and converted customers on a regular basis through retargeting, mailings, and thank you notes helps set you apart from the competition. Customer retention means more than just repeat business – it takes far more effort and expense to attract new customers than it does to keep your current clients involved and well informed.

Large Format Options

  • Don’t forget the possibilities of large format printing for your retail space. Window decals and wall posters reach a broader audience, helping draw attention to products and sales promotions, in addition to the smaller signs, shelf talkers, and labels.
  • Signage doesn’t have to be consumer-facing either. Communicating with your employees and staff with eye-catching graphics, recognition, and awards fosters teamwork, morale, and productivity.

Every day is Small Business Day at Allied, so shop at your neighborhood stores, support your local businesses, and reach out to our expert staff for advice and partnership on any aspect of your print and mail projects.

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