Case Study:



Increasing Donations and Raising Over $6 Million with One Campaign

The Challenge

A non-profit organization providing support for a major university’s student-athlete scholarships and athletic facility improvement gets the majority of its funding from charitable donations and membership fees of alumni, friends, and fans. The non-profit wanted to develop a campaign to increase member donations.

To meet its goals, the organization needed a strategy to stand out, grab attention and generate donations while keeping the campaign costs within budget.

The Solution

The organization developed a multi-channel campaign targeting 13,000 alums, friends, and fans. The campaign was designed to personalize the experience, building on donors’ emotional connection with the organization.

The Sucessful Outcome

The multi-channel campaign had a successful, measurable outcome, raising over $6 million across approximately 2,000 individual transactions. The personalized microsites made it easier to see how many donors chose each of the three options, and nearly one-third of all donors chose to increase their contribution amount year-over-year. 24% chose to increase their contribution by 10%, while 7% jumped to the next-highest level overall.

The strategy effectively combined email, direct mail, and social media with personalized campaign techniques and streamlining technology. The result was a better use of resources, both human and financial, and a successful campaign that re-engaged with donors and met fundraising goals.