What Marketers Can Do With AI

Using AI to Transform Campaigns and Improve Results

About the Experts

Oz Krakowski, Chief Revenue Officer, Deepdub

Oz Krakowski joined Deepdub in 2020 as the Chief Revenue Officer. Deepdub plugs into the post-production process of content owners and provides high-quality seamless localization of

content using deep learning and AI algorithms. In his role, Oz drives the company’s marketing strategy, sales, and business development. Oz brings with him over 25 years of technical and business leadership experience with a rich technical background and strong business, marketing & strategy acumen.

Paul Galligan, Vice President of Information Services, Allied

As the Vice President of Information Services at Allied, Paul has been instrumental in implementing innovative strategies and incorporating AI into processes across the organization. Prior to joining Allied, Paul held positions at IBM and Harte-Hanks, where he held progressively responsible roles, giving him a broad-based view of how technology can be used to achieve communication goals.

Elly Chichester, Chief Marketing Officer, Allied

After starting her career at a marketing agency, Elly joined Allied and eventually became a partner. Along with working directly with clients, she is also responsible for all aspects of Allied’s

marketing and branding. Elly focuses on finding innovative pathways to help clients achieve their communication goals through print and other means, all while adhering to their budget, timeframe, and objectives. She brings a sense of practical vision to marketing and AI, so clients can transform big ideas into actionable projects that achieve campaign goals.

Moderator: David Rosendahl, President, MindFire, Inc.

David is an innovative and forward-thinking multi-business entrepreneur and CEO of Mindfire. He assists brands and high-volume mailers by integrating MindFire’s cutting-edge data-driven marketing technology with top-tier marketing expertise. His company has garnered numerous awards and distinctions, including being twice acknowledged as the fastest-growing software company by Inc 500. Among the impressive clientele benefiting from his marketing solutions are renowned global entities such as BMW, Harvard, Facebook, HP, WestPoint, Johnson & Johnson, and many others.

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