87 AI-Focused Resources for Marketers

At Allied, we’re not just keeping pace with the future—we’re rethinking print, communications, and marketing. This curated treasure trove of AI resources was designed to supercharge your marketing strategies and help you surpass your goals. Let’s all dream bigger—and Allied will be right there with you, helping turn your dreams into realities.

Top 15 Copy Platforms: These platforms are designed with the unique needs of copywriters in mind.

  1. AI Mailer: Generate high-quality business and marketing emails with just a few simple prompts.
  2. copy.ai: A multi-purpose copywriting tool to craft high-performing blogs, social media posts, emails, and more
  3. Copysmith/Describely: Generate product copy and integrate with e-commerce
  4. ContentShake by Semrush: An all-around copywriting aid to generate ideas, streamline article writing, and optimize copy.
  5. Grammarly: An AI writing tool to polish writing, with suggestions for grammar, clarity, tone, voice, sentence structure, and more.
  6. Howler AI: AI-driven tools to boost the creation and distribution of press releases and other PR materials.
  7. Hypotenuse AI: An AI tool to generate copy and/or images based on a few keywords.
  8. jasper.ai: Develop content in line with your existing brand voice for a multitude of platforms with this all-around tool.
  9. Notion AI: A multi-purpose tool that not only helps with brainstorming and polishing, but can summarize text, analyze notes, and more.
  10. Quillbot: Smooth and check your writing with this tool, which uses AI to check grammar, spelling, structure, ideas, and even help paraphrase.
  11. Rytr: Generate web copy for a multitude of platforms with some simple choices and a little input from you.
  12. smartwriter.ai: An email-focused copywriting tool that produces professional, personalized marketing emails in seconds.
  13. TextCortex: A tailored AI writing assistant that learns from your input to produce copy in your unique voice and style.
  14. Wordtune: Power up your own writing with this AI tool geared at improving your copy for clarity and effectiveness.
  15. Writesonic: Develop emails, SEO-friendly web copy, blogs, and more with this multipurpose AI copywriting tool

Top 10 ChatGPT Plus Plug-ins: Ways to make ChatGPT work better for marketing, copywriting, SEO, and more.

  1. Bramework: A plug-in aimed at SEO analysis and related tasks to help make your copy even more relevant and powerful.
  2. ChatSpot: Enhances your all-around marketing power by connecting to your HubSpot CRM and many other SAAS tools.
  3. ChatWithPDF: An efficiency tool that allows for easy reference, querying, and interaction with PDF documents.
  4. diagr.am: Transform data into easy-to-use visuals like charts, graphs, and more with this simple plug-in.
  5. Keyword Explorer: Optimize your web content further with the help of this tool, which suggests relevant keywords.
  6. Questmate: Great for surveys, user input, and teamwork, this tool makes it easy to generate forms, checklists, and workflows.
  7. smyth-seo-app: A plug-in geared at improving SEO, boosting content creation and related tasks.
  8. SEO Core: An AI-driven tool to analyze SEO, compare with the competition, and suggest ways to improve.
  9. Sembot: Boost search engine marketing with this plug-in for keywords reports, CPCs, domain visibility, SEO results and more.
  10. Zapier: Automate and streamline your whole workflow with this multi-purpose writing and productivity plug-in.

Top 10 Image Tools: Tools to streamline image generation and graphic design for any team, no matter your level of skill.

  1. Canva: The popular graphic design app now offers AI image generation with a text-to-image setup.
  2. DALL-E 2: One of the top image generators produces images from text prompts.
  3. DreamStudio: Input text prompts and choose from a variety of styles and additional parameters to generate images.
  4. Firefly (Photoshop): Adobe’s image generative AI allows for image creation, editing, color options, adding text, and more.
  5. getimg.ai: An AI tool that generates images, modifies existing pictures, imagines expanded images, and other tasks.
  6. Magic Studio: Quickly create and edit high-quality product imagery and other marketing graphics
  7. Microsoft Designer: AI tech boosts this all-around graphic design tool to make it even easier to generate graphics for any purpose or event.
  8. Midjourney: A popular AI image and “art” generator in a variety of styles
  9. OniStep: If you’re struggling to learn AI image tools, this AI virtual assistant can help you pick up the techniques in no time.
  10. Shutterstock AI Image Generator: The stock image company now offers AI image generation, taking text prompts and generating images based on its stock.

Top 14 Social Media Tools: Solutions to streamline the creation of relevant, eye-catching, and timely branded social content.

  1. Audiense: Use social media behavior to uncover audience segmentation and key demographics to tailor marketing strategy.
  2. Cortex: Powered by Deloitte’s people solutions, this tool provides powerful audience insights to drive smarter social strategy.
  3. Emplifi: An AI tool designed to help you create more compelling, connective content that encourages higher conversion rates.
  4. Feedhive: Manage the whole social media cycle, from content creation to scheduling and publishing, with this one tool.
  5. Flick: An AI-powered tool for writing copy, discovering hashtags, and coordinating social media schedules.
  6. Hootsuite (with AI): An easy-to-use caption generator to ensure your captions are always just right for your audience.
  7. Lately: Translate your existing brand voice into powerful, sales-driven social media content with this tool.
  8. LocaliQ: A tool that leverages AI to help local business find and market to their most likely leads.
  9. Ocoya: Streamline posting across many social platforms with copywriting, image generation, and publishing.
  10. OwlyWriter by Hootsuite: Generate copy ideas and produce high-performing social media posts with a few clicks.
  11. Publer: Schedule posts, then analyze what’s working and what isn’t with this AI-powered tool.
  12. Rapidely: Easily develop on-brand, engaging content and automate scheduling for a steady flow of social posts.
  13. smartly.io: A tool to develop and manage multiple campaigns, engaging audiences with the most relevant content and personalization.
  14. Taplio: A tool targeted specifically at improving your LinkedIn presence for better networking with fellow professionals and prospective leads.

Top 7 Audio & Video Tools: Enhance multi-media production with video generators, AI voice solutions, and more.

  1. decoherence.co: Generate video clips in a variety of styles and include music or other sound to suit your needs.
  2. Fliki: An AI text-to-video tool to cover video generation and AI voices, including generating videos from existing blog content.
  3. Murf: Produce natural-sounding voices to narrate your video and audio content with this text-to-speech tool.
  4. Peech: Create branded videos and edited promotional snippets, all to maintain your brand voice and presence.
  5. Pictory AI: This tool uses AI to transform existing long-form content into short, shareable, branded videos.
  6. Riffusion: Generate custom audio in any style you choose.
  7. WavTool: For the music experts, this AI tool allows you to create “music” generated by AI, with controls over various musical elements in the application.

Top 13 Branding Tools

  1. Acrolinx: An AI tool that goes behind content generation to manage, analyze, and oversee the full picture of branding.
  2. AdCreative: Generate ads for a variety of platforms in seconds, all with your conversion goals in mind.
  3. adcreative.ai: An AI tool to optimize ad creation, offering customer insights, personalization at scale, and more.
  4. BeaconsAI: An all-in-one tool to build branding, particularly powerful for influencer marketing
  5. Brandwatch: Just as the name suggests, this tool helps you with real-time brand monitoring and AI-driven recommendations.
  6. Heyday by Hootsuite: Boost your brand communications with this tool for creating user-friendly AI brand chatbots.
  7. instantly.ai: Create and scale cold-call email campaigns using this AI tool.
  8. Optimove: AI leverages customer insights to develop campaigns that put the customer at the center of it all.
  9. Pattern89: If you’ve ever wondered which specific elements get you the most ROI, this AI tool can break down your content to identify the most powerful parts.
  10. Personalize by human: Discover the products and services that most interest your customer base, then develop personalized marketing to target them.
  11. Phrasee: A tool geared at understanding your brand and goals, then generating content geared at increasing clicks and conversions.
  12. Seventh Sense: Optimize your email campaigns by focusing on where to maximize impact and increase brand engagement.
  13. Wordstream: Audit your ads performance, then optimize your strategy with the insights from this branding tool.

Top 8 SEO/SERP AI Tools: Ensure your digital strategy is getting the most bang for your buck.

  1. Adzooma: Check in and manage all your ad campaigns online, including SEO, rankings, paid ads, and more.
  2. Brand24: Reputation is everything in today’s world, and this AI tool helps you monitor all your mentions across the web.
  3. Crayon: Outsmart the competition with this competitive intelligence platform geared at ensuring that your brand doesn’t get left behind.
  4. frase.io: An AI tool designed to optimize SEO and ensure your web content is both readable and search-friendly.
  5. GrowthBar: Ensure your blog and other web content is SEO-optimized with this AI-driven writing assistant.
  6. MarketMuse: An overall tool to analyze your website, check for optimization, and provide personalized insights to drive growth.
  7. Semrush SEO Writing Assistant: Improve readability, engagement, and SEO optimization in your content based on your target SERPs.
  8. Surfer SEO: This all-around tool allows you to research, generate, and audit SEO-optimized content for any niche.

Top 10 Miscellaneous AI Tools: Manage your daily routine, create presentations, automate repetitive tasks, improve productivity, and more.

  1. axiom.ai: This multi-purpose AI browser tool allows you to build customer browser bots to automate your most repetitive tasks.
  2. Beautiful: An AI tool designed to streamline presentations, allowing your team to easily collaborate on professional-looking, easy-to-read presentations.
  3. Braze/Sage AI: Save time and streamline content creation while developing better cross-channel customer experiences.
  4. ClickUp AI: An all-in-one project management and virtual assistant tool, customizable to your unique needs across sales, marketing, customer support, and much more.
  5. DeckRobot: A presentation tool to design hundreds of branded slides in a fraction of the time.
  6. Otter AI: This tool makes meetings more productive, with tools to ask questions, summarize meetings, and take useful notes.
  7. Quotify: When you need to find quotes in a particular text, use this AI search tool to quickly extract exactly what you need.
  8. Salesforce Einstein: A generative AI for CRM designed to tailor and personalize customer interactions while boosting team productivity.
  9. There’s an AI for That: When you’re not sure what AI tool to use, this tool can help you find exactly what you need in seconds.
  10. Wonderslide: Create pitch decks, presentations, and more with this fast, customizable slide generator.